From the ever flourishing Dresden underground sprouts this dark and dense weave called CIFY. Being active in the local music-and-arts scene for over a decade, CIFY marks the first time that these four guys get together for the same project. The result is as gloomy and lashing as it is meditative. The quartet strives for different perspectives onto the vast expanse spreading inside all of us, showing their long time experience in the realms of heavy and progressive music. Their debut Å takes its tight-holding grip from two things: the skillful musical arrangement and the lucid sync of the live-in-studio performance, creating a powerful vortex that is hard to resist. Afterwards you might need to call your mom or go for a long walk - and then take a deep dive into it again...

CIFY is the brainchild of Dresden-based musician and producer Ollie Moses (d). While being busy in the Tech-Death Metal combo DIVINE X for many years, Moses additionally collaborated with international heavy weights like Jona Nido and Louis Jucker from COILGUNS for his noise-core outfit PLOTZ. Nevertheless Moses felt the urge to explore some more of his uncanny introspections by writing the score for CIFY’s debut Å in countless sleepless nights. In his wet daydreams he could only see this project coming to life with himself playing drums and involving his three closest long-time bros. Harry Vintage (g), Phil Tempest (g) and Clemer Clave (b) earned their spurs in jazz and heavy music over the last decade (DIEFLOWER, MAD RACOON, TORSTEN RICHTER TRIO) and were lured into Moses’ own studio to forge this nasty phantasm into matter. After intense and hazy prep work, their debut album was recorded live within a week and the whole city ran out of Whisky.

Starting in fall of 2022 CIFY will hit the stage. Better stay tuned…



Å - April 1, 2022

All music written, arranged and produced by Ollie Moses. All tracks recorded live at BEDLAM Ministries and performed by CIFY. Mixed by Ollie Moses. Mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios, Stockholm, Sweden. Cello on "Machir" played by Laura Härtel. Spoken words by Etienne and Tina. Excerpts taken from "L' évolution créatrice" and "Le rire" by Henri Bergson. Artwork by Christopher Tempel.


November 05, 2022 at Blechschloss, Dresden with Tapefool
October 28, 2022 at Barake 5, Ilmenau with rýr
June 23, 2022 at Chemiefabrik, Dresden with Thybeaux and Sons of Pike


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